Love your to do list

The humble to do list is probably the first thing you turn to when you need to get organised.  It certainly is for me.  I find that writing everything down helps me to think clearer and that I’m more likely to get things done. When I had my son and life with a newborn took hold, I started to make a list of jobs for the week so that I could keep track of all the things that needed to be done.  When I became a tech editor, I simply added the jobs related to my business to the list.

In the beginning this list was ongoing.  If something didn’t get done it simply didn’t get crossed of the list and the next weeks tasks were added to the bottom.  While this started off well it soon turned out to be a terrible idea!  If a job at the beginning of the list didn’t get done, the overall list would start to span several pages and as result would become overwhelming.  It felt as though I was falling behind with everything as it looked as though I had so much to do.

At the time I was getting started with Instagram and there was a lot of talk about bullet journals.  It looked as though it could be something that would help me better keep track of everything so decided to do a little bit of research.  I soon came across this site which tells you all you need to know to get started.  I soon decided that certain aspects would be more suited to my needs and that by using these methods I would soon have my to do list under control.  I now have a new list every week that shows the tasks carried forward from last week and the tasks that are new to the current week.  I also have somewhere to write down any notes or reminders so that everything is kept in one place.

I have found this method of organising really helpful as having everything written down means that I spend less time thinking about everything that need to be done and a lot less time worrying that I have forgotten something.  By looking at the list I can often see that things aren’t as bad as I originally thought. I can plan out which tasks I can fit in that day and see which tasks can wait.  While some weeks are naturally busier than other, creating my to do list in this way has definitely helped me to stay organised, made me more productive and given me more time as a result.


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