What to include in a style sheet

A style sheet can be beneficial for you as well as your tech editor. A style sheet will ensure consistency in style across all your patterns, making them a pleasure to knit which could lead to customers returning to you for your next pattern. It will also help your tech editor to know what you want your patterns to look like. This shared vision will help to produce a polished pattern and could also reduce the editing time needed.

Things you could include are:

Abbreviations – Which abbreviations do you use? For example, do you use ‘rnd’ or ’round’?  Do you use abbreviations common to the  UK or US? This can also be helpful if you are a US knitting designer but are using a UK tech editor. Do you list all abbreviations or just those for unusual construction?

Layout – How do you want your pattern to look? Do you use columns? Will you be including a photo? Do you include a schematic or a chart? Do you always capitalise the first letter of each row, for example ‘Row 1: K4, yo, k2tog ….’?

Notions – Do you like to list everything that a knitter will need to create your pattern?

Measurements – Do you want to show measurements in centimetres, inches or both?  Do you like to include regular stitch counts, particularly after an increase or decrease row?

Who are your patterns for? – Do you want them to be suitable for new or returning knitters or are they suitable for experienced knitters only?

These are just a few things to think about and you can change things as your pattern style develops, but the more information you can include in your style sheet, the more information will be included in your patterns.


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